Thursday, April 27, 2017

Duterte to block renewal of ABS-CBN franchise.

Duterte to block renewal of ABS-CBN franchise.

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President Rodrigo Duterte is planning to pull the country’s biggest media company, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp., off the air for failing to reimburse him for the campaign ad he paid for last year.

In a briefing in Malacanang, Duterte said that ABS-CBN’s public franchise to operate a national television station was hinged on its adherence to ethics and journalistic standards.

“Well, alam mo, itong ABS, ang franchise will be due pero hindi na kailangan ng extension because it has been there for about 25 years. Sabi ng batas, okay na. Only if you adhere to journalistic (standards). Ang ginawa ninyo sa amin, it’s estafa, swindling. Not only me but (Senator) Chiz Escudero, pati si ano. Marami pa ‘yan. Inotso niyo, putang ina harap-harapan magkolekta kayo tapos estafa ninyo kami,” said Duterte.

“I will file a complaint. Congress, no need to renew it. But to operate? That’s something else. So I will point this out, ‘yung basura ninyo then we’ll see. You are committing a crime,” he said.

When asked to clarify if he planned to block the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise which would expire on March30, 2020, Duterte said:”Yes. ung ganon ka na ano, you are engaged in swindling. For all you know, ilang kumpanya dito na nagbayad na na hindi ninyo pinalabas? If you operate an ABS-CBN tapos manloloko lang kayo ng tao, mag-swindling kayo, I have to stop you ‘di ba? Eh kung manloloko ka, anong gawin ko?”

Duterte is still sore at ABS-CBN for not airing his campaign commercial in reply to the anti-Duterte paid for by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV which ABS-CBN ran in the weeks before election day. He described the Trillanes-sponsored as “black propaganda” which used children to mouth attacks against him.
“They have a commitment. Kung ganoon, engaged in swindling, for all you know, may kumpanya nagbayad na di ninyo pinalabas. If you operate, manloko ka lang, kung swindling lang kayo, i have to stop you. Kung manloko ka, ano gagawin ko? Estafa, swindling,” Duterte said.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Duterte declines honorary UP degree

President Rodrigo Duterte has decided to decline the move of the University of the Philippines Board of Regents to offer him a honoris causa of law degree.

"We due respect sa University of the Philippines, I do not accept even if I was mayor. Hindi ako tumatanggap, as a matter of personal and official policy, I do not accept awards. Wala sa pagkatao ko," he told reporters after a command conference in Bohol province.
"Hindi ko nire-reject. To use reject... I simply declined," he added.

The university's Board of Regents has moved to offer Duterte an honorary degree, citing tradition. But the development has drawn criticism from several sectors, with the Office of the Student Regent opposing the plan.

"Honors are not deserved by a president whose regime killed thousands of citizens and leaders of progressive groups under Oplan Tokhang and Oplan Kapayapaan," the UP Office of the Student Regent said in a statement posted on Facebook.

"Honors must not be given to a president that declares all-out war against his people to quell their struggle for just and lasting peace, and reimposes death penalty to legitimize the killing of the poor."

The incoming head of the university's student council also decried the plan, calling Duterte "unworthy" of the honor.

Friday, April 7, 2017

WATCH: Gina Lopez to reporter: You're just a f—ing employee,why don't you have a heart for the poor?

WATCH: Gina Lopez to reporter: You're just a f—ing employee,why don't you have a heart for the poor?

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Environment Secretary Gina Lopez on Thursday was recorded giving a profanity-laced tirade against a reporter amid questions about her recent order requiring a trust fund for suspended mining firms.

Lopez called BusinessWorld reporter Janina Lim "a f—ing employee," an audio recording of which was posted on

"You know, you're just a f—ing employee, why don't you have a heart for the poor?" Lopez said.
Lopez's order has come under fire from the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines (COMP), which said it intends to file a complaint about it.

Later, Lopez also said to Lim: "You know you are so young and you're already bought by the greed and selfishness. I don't like it."
Lim responded, saying she was not "bought."

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Attention OFW: Duterte will visit Middle East on Holy Week

Attention OFW: Duterte will visit Middle East on Holy Week


President Duterte plans to visit three Middle East countries during the Holy Week in his bid to boost relations and secure better working conditions for Filipino workers.

He has yet to set a date for his visits to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain, but revealed he has been reviewing subjects that need to be tackled with the leaders and officials of the three nations.

Duterte has frequently made reference in his speeches to Filipinos working in the Middle East, as their families were usually victims of the ill effects of illegal drugs.

Duterte announced his plan to visit the Middle East in remarks marking the end of Women’s Month at Malacañang last Friday.

He said that while the presidency had never been in his original plan, he now has to make the most of it and serve the people to the best of his ability.

He vowed no letup in his campaign against illegal drugs and criminality in general and against corruption.

“What’s bugging the country? Drugs and terrorism; it would have been like heaven had there been no drugs and terrorism,” he said in Filipino.

Source: Philppine Star

Saturday, March 25, 2017

WATCH: OFWs to Hontiveros: Paano namin mababago ang imahe ng Pilipinas kung sinisira niyo?

An Overseas Filipino Worker in Sydney Australia criticized Senator Risa Hontiveros during her meeting with the Filipino Community Leaders at Bulwagang Rizal Philippine Consulate Office – Sydney.

Lualhati, an OFW in Sydney questioned the action of some politicians including the Hontiveros which she believes that only destroying the image of the country in the international community.

She said that OFWs are doing their best to improve the image of the Filipinos in the international community while some politicians are destroying the image of the Philippines by feeding the foreign community of malicious informations about the country.

“We are trying our best here to international community to show how Filipinos are like and how hardworking we are and how excellent we are.. but no matter how hard we do that there are people especially from your party in fact yourself” Ms. Lualhati told Hontiveros.

She also said that Senator Hontiveros demanded the United Nation to come in the Philippines and investigate the killings during the Duterte administration which she believes that only maligning the country.

“How can we be honorable when we malign our own community, our own people, in suggesting that there are crimes going on done by the government, against its own people. Parang hindi fair na kami nagpapakahirap na baguhin ang imahe ng mga Pilipino at ng Pilipinas sa international community and yet paulit-ulit na naririnig namin sa inyong mga politicians na dina-down niyo ang sarili niyong bansa. Naapektuhan kami, naapektuhan ang mga OFWs,” Lualhati said.

Lualhati said that they were the one who engaged with the foreigners and clarified some information that fed by the opposition to the international community.

She also asked Hontiveros if how can the Philippines improve its image to the international community when some Filipinos are trying to destabilise the country.


Source: PinoyTrending

Friday, March 24, 2017

Cardinal Tagle on illegal drug trade: "an evil" that is "slowly killing people"

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Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle on Friday condemned the illegal drug trade and said it is "an evil" that is "slowly killing people," a report on Unang Balita on Wednesday said.

He said giving or selling drugs is like killing your neighbor.

"If I sell or give something that can destroy my neighbor, and I gained from it, it's like killing that person," he said in a homily in San Juan City at the launching of the "Sanlakbay sa Pagbabago ng Buhay" program for drug dependents.

However, Tagle said drug dependents should not be regarded as outcasts.

He said people can change—one should not belittle that ability—and God can make miracles.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Campaign donor of Robredo to the Vice President: “You wasted my hard earned money”

“Everyday you disappoint me. I feel so cheated by you because I defended you to a lot of people and even turned votes in your favor. But you just wasted them. You wasted my hard earned money,”
Vice President Leni Robredo lost another avid supporter after she released the controversial video message addressed to United Nations narcotics body.
Netizen Trixie Go who claimed that she’s one of the campaign donors and former avid supporter of Robredo expressed her disappointment to the Vice President.
Ms. Go felt betrayed by the Vice President because she thought that she would do what she promised during the campaign.
During the early days of Robredo in her office, Ms. Go defended the Vice President to the critics because she trusted her so much.
But Ms. Go realized that she supported the wrong politician after Vice President Robredo obviously stood up against President Rodrigo Duterte by releasing a video message that allegedly used wrong datas to malign the country.
Ms. Go also believes that Vice President Robredo was spreading hate and told her to act like a leader that she promised to be.
She also said that Vice President Robredo’s action made her opponent Bongbong Marcos looked better.
This is the whole open letter of Ms. Go:

Open letter of a campaign donor and former avid supporter of VP Leni. The UN video was the last straw.
Dear VP Leni
I guess you don’t read your private messages. I can’t blame you since you probably get hundreds a day, and nowadays a lot of hate messages I presume. But I feel I must speak up, being one of your campaign donors and I used to be one of your avid supporters. Underline USED TO BE.
You are not the person I thought you could be. You have shown so much promise before – down to earth and smart and uses her common sense. You shone during the campaign with your wit and sensible solutions. Unfortunately, I don’t see them now Mam. I just see a person who is so misguided and so short sighted; that every time you make a statement I find myself making excuses for you, blaming it on the people that you surround yourself with. But the more you talk, the more I think that you may not be ready for such a big role after all. I could have been wrong telling doubters you will be great. Because you just keep on disappointing. I don’t know who eggs you on – clearly he or she doesn’t have your best interests at heart because you just keep on doing things that just makes no sense at all.

What darkness are we in may I ask? I don’t feel it. I honestly feel for the first time the wrong things are being right (verb) by this government. At least I feel there is a huge effort of doing things right. In fact, the democracy you claim to be in danger, is much more alive ever than before, that it’s being abused by people by using it to spread more hate and lies. And you of all people is on top of the list of spreading hate. Your statements ignite hate. Not one moment did you even attempt to be rational nor try to unite the country. You defend a tainted senator who obviously broke so many laws by her own admission, and yet your defense for her is that there was not even 1 gram of shabu that was found on her? I hope you realize how stupid that sounded. You deny leading any destabilization. Mam, every time you open your mouth that’s what you do. You destabilize. Instead of calling out to calm people, you incite uproar. Your statement to the UN is irresponsible. It may sound cliche now, but you are god damn irresponsible and unpatriotic. You should be ashamed of what you did because you exposed to the world how little you know of being Filipino. What your real agenda is nothing more than to put down a country trying uplift itself because status quo is unacceptable.
You should not air gossip. You do not argue on hearsay. You have facts? File a case! You have evidence? File a case! What did Duterte ever do to you except say he prefers BBM as VP? He hurt your ego and you retaliate like a scorned GF! Where are we in being a bigger person? To give him credit he gave you opportunities to unite the country with him. And yet your response? “I will continue to dissent”. He invited you to the LeDAC , and post that, you had to say “I was expecting to be disinvited”. Really? Isn’t being gracious part of your person anymore?
Everyday you disappoint me. I feel so cheated by you because I defended you to a lot of people and even turned votes in your favor. But you just wasted them. You wasted my hard earned money.
Stop spreading hate. Stop inciting dissent. The only way for you to survive this is to keep quiet. You killed your chances of further serving your country because you just couldn’t wing it. If you truly believe the president is criminal then file a case and stop hiding behind “just being a dissenting voice”. You are not just a voice. You are the duly elected Vice President of the Philippines. Stop acting as if you just got it by sheer luck. Act like a leader YOU PROMISED TO BE. Help unite the country or else get out. We’re tired of your unprofessional politicking. And get rid of your obviously inexperienced staff. They are just putting you down more.
Jeez at this rate, you are making BBM look good. God help us all with that.

Source: Pinoy Trending 

WATCH: Sandara Park tells South Koreans PH is safe

The country’s favorite K-pop superstar Sandara Park has declared that the Philippines is a safe country to visit months following the death of South Korean businessman Ji Ick Joo.

Park, who became a blockbuster actress in the Philippines prior to reaching stardom in her own country, made the claim in a television show aired in South Korea’s KBS Channel. The show featured a travel battle between Philippines versus Vietnam.

“One of the reasons why I wanted to introduce Philippines to the battle trip is that people always ask me about the Philippines - ‘Isn’t it dangerous? I hear public safety is poor?’ They always ask me that unfortunate incidents are shown in the news. I wanted to show that it’s not dangerous at all."

Watch the full video below

Monday, March 20, 2017

VP Robredo warned by Sen.Lacson not to allow herself to be used

VP Robredo warned by Sen.Lacson not to allow herself to be used

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Senator Panfilo Lacson has an apparent warning to Vice President Leni Robredo not to allow herself to be used by groups with selfish political interests.

“They are leading her to the quicksand to advance their own political interests. I hope she realizes it sooner than later. Sayang,” Lacson tweeted without naming Robredo.

Robredo is under fire for alleged involvement in the attempt to impeach President Duterte after releasing a video message to the United Nations denouncing the government’s brutal war on illegal drugs. As a result, the President’s top ally in Congress, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, is mulling an impeachment complaint against Robredo for supposed betrayal of public trust.

Lacson, in another tweet, called on Robredo to correct her figures on the drug-related deaths given to the UN.

“She reported to the UN that 7k were summarily executed. Fact is, govt side suffered 38 casualties in 2k police opns. She should correct it,” he tweeted.

“I’ve no agenda except fairness based on facts. We owe it to the 38 PNP and AFP personnel killed and 86 wounded in action as of Jan 28, 2017,” he said.

They are leading her to the quicksand to advance their own political interests. I hope she realizes it sooner than later. Sayang.
She reported to the UN that 7k were summarily executed. Fact is, govt side suffered 38 casualties in 2k police opns. She should correct it.

I've no agenda except fairness based on facts. We owe it to the 38 PNP and AFP personnel killed and 86 wounded in action as of Jan 28, 2017.

Source: Politiko


The Duterte government must heed the international community’s call to stop impunity and violence in the country rather than merely ignoring it for supposed lack of understanding, Senator Risa Hontiveros said over the weekend.

“This is an important moment for the administration. Its fate and place in history shall rest partly on how it will respond to the international community and the growing public clamor to end impunity and violence across the country,” she wrote on Facebook.

Hontiveros issued the statement as she rallied behind Vice President Leni Robredo’s recent video message to the United Nations about the soaring death toll from President Duterte’s bloody war on illegal drugs and rights abuses.

“The world needs to know what is happening in our country. They need to know that the government’s abusive and corrupt war on drugs has victimized our people and is tearing our society apart at the seams,” she wrote on Facebook.

Hontiveros said there was nothing patriotic in shutting the world off from the “horrors” of unresolved murders in the country. “It is not a defense of the country’s sovereignty. Rather, it is the perpetuation of the culture of killing and impunity. Sovereignty and impunity are two different things. Sovereignty resides in the people. Impunity kills people,” she said.

Hontiveros also lectured the Duterte government that the Philippines, as member of the global community, has an obligation to democracy, human rights and rule of law..

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Australian Foreign Minister says world can learn from Duterte victory

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the world can learn from the unprecedented electoral victory of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who vowed to eliminate day-to-day problems such as crime and traffic.

According to Rappler, Bishop said: "I think that President Duterte was responding to the concerns of the people of the Philippines, and the lesson for politicians around the world is to tap into the concerns, particularly of those who feel left behind by globalization, those who have been affected by the disruption of technologies, and those who fear change."

"And we're seeing the consequences of that around the world, whether it's Brexit, the US presidential election, or even here in the Philippines. But we're also seeing outcomes in elections in Europe, so I think it's a phenomenon that will be with us for some time," Bishop added.

She then described these times as "uncertain" and "restless", and said elected officials "have to respond to those concerns."

Bishop spoke to Rappler CEO Maria Ressa on Thursday evening, March 16, at the Australian ambassador's residence during Bishop's 3-day trip to the Philippines.

Bishop flew to the Philippines to meet with Duterte, Philippine Foreign Secretary Enrique Manalo, and other leaders in the country.

Bishop also stressed the need to share the fruits of globalization "more equitably".

"I think that is the challenge facing governments around the world, that while globalization and economic integration, economic competition, have undoubted benefits, more people need to share in those benefits," Australia's top diplomat said.

Source: Rappler,NewsInfolearn

Friday, March 17, 2017

Naga City ex-mayor to VP Leni: Your actions are shameful

Former Naga City Mayor and former Camarines Sur 2nd District Representative Sulpicio “Cho” Roco, Jr. has broken his silence on the controversies surrounding Vice President Leni Robredo.

“I have carefully avoided commenting on the vice president's exploits but this once I will: Leni, nakakasopog an guinibo mo!!! (your actions are shameful),” he posted on Facebook.

Roco said “Supog na ako ta taga-Naga kaya ako," (I am ashamed because I am from Naga City).

Roco was referring to the video of the Vice President to the United Nations Narcotics body criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.

Roco said the move was uncalled-for.

"Mondo ako na an oportunidad na niregalo sa Naga na magkaigwa nin bise presidente nasayang," (I am sad that the opportunity that was given to Naga City as a gift to have a vice president went to waste),” he said.

READ ALSO: Jean Garcia on death penalty: Kung ayaw mo ng death penalty, ayaw mong mabitay,tumino ka!

Roco is the brother of the late Senator Raul S. Roco and a former ally of the late DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jean Garcia on death penalty: Kung ayaw mo ng death penalty, ayaw mong mabitay,tumino ka!

Jean Garcia on death penalty: Kung ayaw mo ng death penalty, ayaw mong mabitay,tumino ka!

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Ayon sa ulat ng pabor ang aktres na si Jean Garcia sa panukalang-batas na ibalik ang death penalty sa Pilipinas.

Ipinaliwanag ni Jean kung bakit ganito ang opinyon niya.

Saad niya, “Honestly, yeah, yes!

“A, depende, ayoko masyado… pero ibig kong sabihin, yung grabe talaga na mga... iyon, sa drugs, killer…

“Kasi ako, ang feeling ko kasi, kailangan na talaga ng disiplina, kailangan ng takot ng tao, kailangan marunong tayong matakot.

“Kasi hindi naman tayo ano, maski mga bata ngayon, alam ang tama at mali, di ba?

“Para magkaroon ng disiplina, mas maging safe ang country natin, di ba?

“Mas makakalakad na tayo sa kalye nang hindi tayo natatakot.

“Di ba, pag nasa Japan ka, lakad ka lang. Taipei, ganun rin.

“Kahit mag-isa ka, lakad ka, punta ka ng 711, punta ka ng ano… very safe, kahit madaling-araw, di ba?

“And we want that for our country, di ba?”

Patuloy ni Jean, “Especially, like ako, nanay ako, meron akong mga anak, gusto ko safe ang mga bata.

“So, ang sa akin, pag gumawa ka ng katarantaduhan, pagdusahan mo.

“Ngayon, kung ayaw mo ng death penalty, ayaw mong mabitay or whatever, tumino ka!

“Gumawa ka ng tama, di ba?”

Ayon pa sa aktres, “So, nasa sa tao yun.

“Hindi naman yung kasi gobyerno or kasi iyon yung opinyon ko, it’s not that, e. It’s you want to have a safe country, di ba?

“Tsaka magkakaroon din yun ng effect din sa bawat isa kung lahat tayo disiplinado.”

Ano naman ang masasabi niya na ang mga krimen lang na may kinalaman sa drugs ang kasama sa death penalty, pero ang rape ay hindi?

Saad ni Jean, “Yun na nga actually, ako, yung rape dapat kasama.

“Kasi, unang-una… sorry ha, hindi ako nagmamarunong, ako opinyon ko lang po ito, maraming hindi mag-a-agree sa akin, wala naman din akong pakialam dahil opinyon ko yun, di ba?

“Hindi ko naman sinabing maging opinyon nila, so opinyon ko lang.

“Kasi, bakit ba may mga rape victims, bakit ba may mga nangre-rape?

“Drugs din, di ba? O, di pareho. E, di bitayin na rin ‘yang mga ‘yan! Di ba?

“Yun lang naman yung sa akin, opinyon ko lang po ‘yan.”